Friday, July 10, 2009

Ten Truths

The Rules:

  • Tell your readers 10 things that are true that they might not know.

  • Tag 10 other bloggers to do the same (not going to happen in my case cause most everyone has already been tagged but I'll try!)

Ok - Here it goes...

  1. I have the craziest dreams - pretty much every night. My nightmares almost ALWAYS include BUGS - ask any roommate I've ever had and my husband - I scream, kick, and even swat at bugs WHILE sleeping. It's nuts. I sleep like a rock though oddly enough?

  2. We rescued our pitbull/boxer mix, Oscar, off the side of the street in Abilene. It was about 110 degrees outside and he was just this tiny puppy in the middle of the street. He had obviously been abused and was definitely on his last leg. I waited about 8 months before telling my parents we had him. ha. Now I can't imagine our lives without him. Shea (our Lab) feels the same way I'm sure. They are inseparable.

  3. I didn't start my period until freshman year of college and I only started because they put me on the pill so I would actually start. Been on the pill ever since. I'm constantly afraid its going to affect my ability to have babies. Call me crazy. I say a prayer EVERY night hoping that will not be the case.

  4. I HATE WebMD - every time I get on there I'm left with thinking I have some sort of Cancer. Stay away from it!

  5. **Corny Alert**I never really felt "special" until I married Brian. He reminds me every day that I am and although I wasn't sure it was possible, I love him a little bit more everyday for it.

  6. I slept in my parents bed until I was 8. They finally kicked me out and then I slept on my brother's floor. I HATE sleeping alone and if I'm NOT sleeping alone then I hate being awake if the other person is asleep. If Brian falls asleep before me, and this is terrible, but I always try to find some way to wake him up by nudging him or moving around too much.

  7. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan... which most of you already know but I'm honestly obsessed. I check my phone several times a day checking for updates while working. It's KILLING me living here and not being able to watch every single game. I think it all started when I was a little kid... I remember laying on the end of my grandma's bed drinking milk and watching Cardinal games.

  8. I would give anything if Brian could have met my Grandmas...both are deceased. Especially my Dad's mom. I realize more and more as I get older that I am the spitting image of her. The craziest thing is that she is in my dreams regularly... even if its just in the background somewhere....she is ALWAYS there. Call me crazy but it seriously feels like that's her way of showing that she is watching over me/us. Or maybe I just miss her so much that she in constantly on my mind - regardless... I'm glad she's there.

  9. Make fun of me all you want, but I am obsessed with Twilight. I've read all the books and made Brian wait in line with me at the premiere of the first movie. We went and saw Transformers 2 the other day and they showed the preview for "New Moon" (the second Twilight movie) and I almost peed my pants. I don't know what it is? I read books all the time but those 4 books were seriously SO GOOD and I can't get enough!

  10. I prefer a beer over a martini any day.

If you've already been tagged, my apologies but I am going to tag...

  • Gretch

  • Chelsea

  • Val Goode

  • Vicki Goode :) YEP! Val's mommy!


Valerie said...

Regarding Twilight... I'd never hate on you for that! You and Morg totally got me addicted. And with the vampire theme... have you ever watched True Blood on HBO? I'm watching season 1 right now and it's so addictive as well!!!

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